The Life and Times of the Social Media Industry [infographic]


This is a pretty word lite infographic from creative ramblings, and in a sense I feel like I would be doing it an injustice by cluttering it with too many words. With that in mind, I am simply going to pull out some of the most interesting dates and discuss them.

Did you know that the first email was sent all the way back in 1971? And the bulletin board system was invented back in 1978. The Internet Relay chat, a forerunner to the modern instant messenger, was invented in 1988 and the next year the World Wide Web was proposed! By 1991 the World Wide had gone public and in 1998 Google was born.

Wikipedia came in to life in 2001. Friendster was launched in 2002 and Linkedin was up and running by 2003. Facebook was a somewhat late arriver, being launched only in 2004, but now they might just be the biggest social media site in the world.

One of my favorite sites, Youtube, was launched in 2005. Too bad I didn’t come to know about it for a good 2 or 3 years! Now, there are over 1 billion Facebook users and hundreds of millions of users on Linkedin, Google+, and other social media sites!

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  1. Thank you for sharing my infographic, Dan!

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